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La symphonie pastorale-André Gide-teaching resources


De quoi s'agit-il?

Gide's short nouvelles such as Isabelle, La porte étroite and La symphonie pastorale offer the reader timeless narratives in which the protagonists wrestle with their own angst, moral ambiguities and religious beliefs to attempt to achieve happiness.

A protestant pastor rescues blind girl Gertrude from an impoverished background and awakens her mind to language and spirituality in a remarkably short space of time.

Oblivious of the effect his relationship with the young woman is having on his wife and family, the pastor struggles increasingly with the moral decisions he has to make.

Seen through the prism of a civilisation a hundred years after this book was written and where amorality is widespread, this novel offers the basis for interesting debate on the way we lead our lives, our moral decisions and the devastating effects our own self interest can have on others.

Gide used these nouvelles to help him rationalise his own psychological and moral issues and they represent a meaningful and valuable route into the study of French literature.

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