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Ils partiront dans l'ivresse-Lucie Aubrac-teaching resources


De quoi s'agit-il?

This account of Lucie Aubrac and her husband Raymond's resistance activities during the war embraces a period of about a year and is in journal format.

Through its pages we learn how the resistance operated in occupied Lyon under the iron thumb of Gestapo officer Klaus Barbie.

Lucie, a history teacher, continues to work as she helps organise resistance activities. We learn the ruses employed to release fellow members when they are captured which results in several exciting action sequences.

The main episode concerns Raymond's capture alongside Max (Jean Moulin) and his wife's devious efforts to effect his release during a prison transfer.

For most of the length of the book Lucie is pregnant so much of the action is overshadowed by her worry for the unborn child. There is thus a good balance of action and feelings which makes for a fascinating read.

There is some controversy about how true an account of events the book actually is which only makes studying it more interesting. The Claude Berri film Lucie Aubrac covers the main action but little of the more interesting background which makes Ils partiront dans l'ivresse such a fascinating document.

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