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De quoi s'agit-il?

No et moi by Delphine de Vigan is an increasingly popular novel for learners of French. Written in an accessible level of language with no past historic it speaks to young people at several levels.

Narrated by Lou a young and gifted child two years ahead at school the novel revolves around her relationship with a rather older Sans Domicile Fixe (SDF) named No. Lou decides to use No as the subject of a class exposé she has to do and from this she, and we as observers, are brought into the world of people who end up living with no fixed abode.

The narrative is the more interesting because Lou describes situations and events which as adults we can comprehend but which she fails the see the significance of due to the relatively sheltered nature of her upbringing.

The book is proving popular not only at A2 but also a "trainer" book at AS level and even year 11 for ambitious learners.

There is a film based on the novel No et Moi directed by Zazou Breitmann. This complements the content of the novel very well giving an up to date picture of modern day France.

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