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La nuit américaine

la nuit americaine, truffaut, a level french

La nuit américaine-François Truffaut

Truffaut one the Oscar for best foreign film for this fascinating tale of film making within a film. Using some of his fetiche actors like Jean-Pierre Léaud, Truffaut demonstrates the way films used to be made, in a studio, before the New Wave came along.

The many details about how a film is made and the problems directors and producers face on a day to day basis are still largely relevant to film-making today.

Film is being introduced as a topic of study for the new 2016 A levels and this film would be an excellent one to get students into the topic in an interesting and relevant way.

Contents of the unit

What's in the unit?
Detailed gapped summary of the film
Character profile guide (translation to and from French
Direct/Indirect speech activity
Contextualized grammar
A factor-present participle, passive, subjunctive
Multiple tense guide (Tensinator)
Essay planning tool with sample essay
Sample essay based on plan
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