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Lacombe Lucien

lacombe lucien

Lacombe Lucien-Louis Malle

Louis Malle collaborated with Nobel prize winner Patrick Modiano on the script of this film which when it came out in the early seventies caused a lot of controversy as it was ambiguous about collaboration.

Malle created a mildly sympathetic collaborator, Lucien, who was drawn accidentally into joining with the milice after being rejected by the local resistance run by his former headmaster.

In a fascinating tale we see a whole range of attitudes towards the German occupying forces and are confused at times by the opinions and attitudes of the French people displayed.

Set in Malle's home area, the film is a worthy one to show alongside Au revoir les enfants if this is being studied as the main film.

Contents of the unit

What's in the unit?
Detailed gapped summary of the film
Character profile guide (translation to and from French
Direct/Indirect speech activity
Contextualized grammar
A factor-present participle, passive, subjunctive
Multiple tense guide (Tensinator)
Essay planning tool with sample essay
Sample essay based on plan
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