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L'étranger sample essay-edexcel-getting most out of pdfs

L'étranger sample essay-using hover-overs in pdf format

Until relatively recently it was fairly difficult to do hover overs to make documents more interactive. This has suddenly become much easier with the advent of highlighting and notes in Adobe Reader. No need to have Adobe Writer, just one of the latest versions of the Reader.

If you download the pdf version of this sample essay on L'étranger you will see I've used a range of tools to give added information to the student to help in the teaching of how to write an essay.

Download L'étranger essay on Le milieu social

Scroll down the document to see the essay.

How to do it?

1. Create document in Word 2007 or 10. Make sure it is proof read before you choose Save As and select pdf.

2. Open the pdf and decide what you want to emphasize in your document.


3. To make colour highlights, select relevant text, eg a particular tense and select the Highlight option on the Adobe Reader tool bar.

4. If you then right click over the highlighted area you can change transparency as if you wish to print you will find it difficult to see the word if it is at full opacity (30% ish is best)-you can apply this to all subsequent highlighting.

5. Add a relevant comment eg translation or question to the highlighting by clicking on it and filling in the box.

Adding a note

1. To add a sticky note, click the sticky note symbol on the tool bar and click where you want it to be. It looks like a speech bubble.

2. Click on the sticky note and add your comment, note, question or translation.

3. When finished, right click over the note and select Properties. You can now select a range of different symbols such as a tick or a circle.

You will now have a document with hover-overs which you can use for getting students to examine text or text and pictures in more detail. You could add notes to an image applying the sticky notes over particular objects.