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Cambridge International Examinations (CIE)

CIE specification, past papers and examiners' reports.

Visit the CIE website French section

How the A*ttitudes course fits:-

Trial password-you may well have a personalised one sent out in May but if not feel free to use this one

username cietrial

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Login top right and scroll down the page to the middle and bottom to access the sample material.

Most topics explicitly covered:-

Unit 1- Les voyages, les vacances, le tourisme- Travel and tourism
Unit 2-Les jeunes: Young people
Unit 3- L'éducation- Education
Unit 4-Le genre- Equality of opportunity
Unit 5-La santé - Health and fitness
Unit 6-Les traditions- Religion and belief,Cultural life/heritage
Unit 7-Les loisirs et les média- The media Free time activities
Unit 8-Les rapports : Family, Human relationships
Unit 9-Le monde du travail-Work and leisure employment and unemployment
Unit 10-L'environnement, la conservation (also at A2)
Unit 11- Le sport- Sport

Not specifically covered

Patterns of daily life
Urban and rural life
Food and drink
Generation gap - covered in all listenings

How A2 language materials fit

How cultural materials (film and literature) fit

Section 2

2014 exam

Section 1


Section 2

Un sac de billes

Thérèse Desqueyroux

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