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CCEA specification, past papers and examiners' reports.

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How the A*ttitudes course fits CCEA topics at AS level:-

Context 1: Relationships
Covered by two A*ttitudes units Unit 8-Les rapports and Unit 3-Le genre

Context 2: Health and Lifestyle
Covered by 4 A*ttitudes units Unit 4-La santé, Unit 7-Les loisirs et les média Unit 11-Le sport and sample Unit 1-Les voyages,vacances et le tourisme

Context 3: Young People in Society
Covered by 3 A*ttitudes units Unit 3-L'éducation, Unit 2 -Les jeunes, Unit 9-Le monde du travail


How cultural materials (film and literature) fit:-

Written paper


  • La symphonie pastorale resources
  • L'étranger resources


  • Manon des sources resources

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How A2 language materials fit

L'environnement (L'énergie, la pollution, la protection de l'environnement)
La France multiculturelle
L'immigration, l'intégration, le racisme
Les problèmes sociaux
Poverty,Le crime et punition, la nouvelle technologie

Testing/learning techniques AS

Full teaching guide and student individual learning plan

Full introduction to vocab with contextualised grammar

TaskMagic exercises for deep learning

Full range of listening techniques with motivating radio style broadcasts

Full range of reading techniques

Well graded essay preparation activites for essays of approximately 230 words

Oral preparation sheets