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OCR specification, past papers and examiners' reports.

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How the A*ttitudes course fits:- (Units refer to A*ttitudes structure)

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AS attitudes, French AS level

full sample unit to try out

OCR Topic 1: Aspects of daily life sub-topics
• The family: different structures and relationships; living conditions (housing, shopping and patterns of daily life)
Unit 8-Les rapports
• Food, drink, health, obsessions and addictions
Unit 5- La santé
• Transport: trends and patterns in usage (for the individual and at local and national levels).
Unit 1-Voyages, vacances, tourisme

OCR Topic 2: Sport (including national sporting concerns and traditions)
• Tourism and related themes: tourism as a changing phenomenon; tourism and the environment
Unit 1-Voyages, vacances, tourisme
• Leisure activities: aspects of cultural life, e.g. film, theatre; the arts as part of leisure time.
Unit 7-Les loisirs et les média, Unit 6-Les traditions

OCR Topic 3: Communication and media sub-topics
• Communication technology: patterns and changes to communication in daily life
• Media, e.g. written press; radio; television (roles and influences)
Unit 7-Les loisirs et les média

OCR Topic 4: Education and training sub-topics
• School and school life: individual experiences; local and national concerns
Unit 3-L'éducation
• Work and training: individual experiences; school to work preparation, transition and aspirations.
Unit 9-Le monde du travail

How A2 language materials fit (Unit numbers refer to a*ttitudes A2)
A2, attitudes, A2 language course
sample unit to try out (l'environnement)

Society subtopics

Unit 2 Les problèmes sociaux
  • La pauvreté
  • Le crime et la punition

L'intégration et l'exclusion come under Unit 3 La France Multiculturelle

Environment subtopics

Unit 1 L'environnement

  • L'énergie
  • La pollution
  • La protection de l'environnement
  • Le développment durable

Also AS a*ttitudes unit on the environment covering the more personal side

Science and Technology -impacts and issues

covered by

Unit 2 Les problèmes sociaux

La nouvelle technologie


Unit 1 L'environnement

How cultural materials (film and literature) fit
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