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AQA specification

AQA specification, past papers and examiners' reports.

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How the A*ttitudes course fits (Units refer to A*ttitudes structure) :-

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AQA AS French, attitudes

AS a*ttitudes full sample unit available (Voyages, vacances, tourisme)

The AQA board is not too prescriptive about the subtopics-

Unit 1-Voyages, vacances, tourisme

Unit 2-Les jeunes

Unit 5-La santé
Health and well-being

Unit 7-Les loisirs
Communication technology

Unit 8-Les rapports
Relationships within the family

Unit 11 Le sport

Unit 12 La publicité

How a*ttitudes A2 language materials fit (Unit numbers refer to a*ttitudes)

sample units available for both AS and A2 (voyages, vacances, tourisme AS and L'environnement A2)

A2 AQA,attitudes


Unit 1 L'environnement

  • la pollution
  • l'énergie
  • la protection de l'environnement

Multicultural France

Unit 2 La France multiculturelle

  • l'immigration
  • le racisme
  • l'intégration

Contemporary Social Issues

Unit 3 Les problèmes sociaux

  • la pauvreté
  • le crime et la punition
  • la nouvelle technologie
How cultural materials (film and literature) fit

An author from a target language-speaking
• A detailed study of at least one novel or collection
of short stories, plus personal appraisal
• The themes/ideas/messages of the author
• How these themes/ideas/messages are

ALF literature covers 12 authors' works including some of the most popular choices. View titles

A period of 20th century history from a target language-speaking country/community
• Main events of the period
• Causes of these events
• The importance/influence/effects of these events
• The ideas and influences of at least two individuals who made a significant impact during the period
• Specific actions of these individuals plus an
appraisal of the importance of these actions
• A personal perspective: Would I have liked to live in that period?

ALF literature includes the excellent "Ils partiront dans l'ivresse" written by Lucie Aubrac and including considerable reference to "Max", or Jean Moulin. It covers allof the main elements above.

Mai 68
ALF cinema includes Louis Malle's thought provoking "Milou en mai" where a parallel revolution takes place in a southwestern country home as the actual events happen in the capital.

A director, architect, musician or painter from a target language-speaking country/community
• A detailed study of at least one work of the artist, plus a personal appraisal

ALF cinema resources include 2 works by each of François Truffaut, Louis Malle and Claude Berri. In addition SG has written 8 study guides for linguascope which can be purchased here. Visit shop