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Transition to A Level/CIE/IB

The life long rewards to be gained from learning a modern foreign language are great and a skill which can be easily built on and honed in this age of communication.  Whether in your professional life, in higher education or for practical purposes (holidays etc) the skill will stand you in good stead.

If you are taking on A level French or another language you will need to bear these points in mind:-

You need to really get yourself "into the zone" and become immersed in the target language culture:- this is easy now with such ready access to the internet

You need to take seriously learning the grammar of the language.   This will partly come from lessons but also needs to come from you. 

You need to build up your vocabulary.  The one you have needed for GCSE has been quite restricted-

You need to communicate with native speakers of the language you are learning on a regular basis.