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A*ttitudes "Dissert"

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Writing essays to order for an examination is a skill which is not easy to acquire within the short time available at AS level. A*ttitudes "Dissert" gives the systematic practice required to gain a high grade within two terms.

A*ttitudes "Dissert" comprises the following tools to hone your students' essay skills from the word go in the AS year.

Listothèque groups of vocabulary and expressions to stimulate discussion in 12 AS topics

A leading sentence for each topic. The sentence is creatively developed in a number of ways to demonstrate going from the simple statement to more complex sentence leading into ce qui/ce que clauses.

Reasoning expressions- A wide range of suggested starts of sentence to enable students to develop their reasoning. A separate sheet for each topic.

The essay planning guide-How to brainstorm and begin to structure the essay, moving through to how to prioritise ideas and produce two diametrically opposed arguments from the same basic sets of ideas. Accuracy checking exercise based on the second sample.

Three sample essays have been produced for each title demonstrating different types of style including reasoning approach and a more personal article/letter type of approach. These can be dissected and translated.

Self-standing TaskMagic exercises for each sample essay to enable students to develop their understanding of the structure, reasoning, grammar and vocabulary in a fun way. TaskMagic functionality for the exercises included in the price of the product.

The sample essays titles can be used to give practice for homeworks or timed essay practice in class.

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