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Reading activities

reading activities

We have worked particularly hard at building reading into A*ttitudes in a sensitive way so that it pervades all aspects of the course.

The picture Profil activities each comprise 700-1000 words of background information on each topic with the express aim of putting the French culture centre stage.

The Listothèque sets of phrases are recycled in activities requiring learners to think about the meaning of what they are reading in a similar way to the shorter examination reading comprehension tests types.

We agonized over how best to provide longer passages and decided that producing the blog "Oasis dans le désert" in sophisticated language on fairly generic themes would provide challenge, particularly where students are also using the materials to resit AS in year 13.

We are passionate about the need for students to read and immerse themselves in the French culture, hence our providing reading and creative activities based on the novel "No et Moi" by Delphine de Vigan. There is a defined section from the book based around each of the 12 themes. For those who have not met the book, the language is relatively straightforward and we have provided a full paginated vocabulary and summary to accompany it.

The latest exercise type added is in the AQA style and is called Opinions et Attitudes. Students read the 4 different people's opinions and decided who said what.

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