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Listening activities

listening activities

The name a*ttitudes was given to the course because we initially intended to produce podcasts providing listening material in two distinct, thought-provoking formats, the conversational and the informational but from a different perspective to what you will find in French radio podcasts etc.

The Feuilleton provides a short 3-4 minute conversation where the specific topic in question is embedded in the subject matter. A brief scan through the vocabulary for some of the more difficult words and listening can begin. We have set examination style questions to test understanding and provided a tapescript marked up with tenses etc so that the learner can improve his analysis of what he is hearing for future reference.

The more creative teacher might like to follow up with question and answer work leading into role play and adaptation of the scenario.

As with the Profil in the 10 briquettes d'information we wanted to ensure that listening also played a part in imparting knowledge and opinion about French culture in a digestible way. Using facts drawn from a range of sources including the incontournable Francoscopie by Gérard Mermet the two presenters present the "factoids", commenting on them humourously, sarcastically or quizzically.

Learners fill in a sheet with details, many of which relate to statistics-we make no apologies for emphasizing percentages, proportions, prices as the modern world does revolve around these concepts particulary business community subject matter.

The 10 briquettes listening activity is followed by a sequence of exercises designed to build on the structures and vocabulary introduced leading to creative oral work.

Whilst we wished to constrain the content of our own two listenings we strongly believe that students should be using all the latest technology to practise listening intensively. To this end we provide an a*ttitudes "library" of suggested video, podcasts and other sources of listening which can be accessed in school or at home or increasingly on smartphones if available.

All units now have a listening exercise based on a newsreport from the site Questions are in French.

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