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Learning vocabulary

vocabulary learning

In our experience, students coming in at AS level in the September need a real booster as early as possible to build up their vocabulary. We would like to think we are adopting a 'tough love' approach-'in at the deep end', whatever you'd like to call it smile

We reckon most young people know their way around a spreadsheet and will find it useful to be able to scan say the Profil tab before doing that exercise to get the more difficult, non-cognate vocabulary into their minds. The Excel spreadsheet is the first item on the A*ttitudes menu for each topic.

After tackling that particular exercise and interacting with the vocabulary in context they should find that those more difficult words are just about there as "passive vocabulary".

The final stage is to practise that vocabulary to embed it more formally as "active vocabulary" by engaging in the multiple Taskmagic exercises which can be practised either at school (if Taskmagic 3 is available*) or at home using the free download of the Taskmagic player.

The vocabulary spreadsheet can be updated and colour-coded with known words in green, semi-known in orange and recalcitrant ones in red.

Listothèque takes things one step further by providing 5 sub-topics which prime the student with information and phrases with "attitude" which help in the formulation of ideas for developing oral and written fluency. You will see further reference to Listothèque in other skill areas.

* See for information about purchasing and upgrades from previous versions.

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